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Team High Five

Meetings & Programs Committee

Meetings & Programs - Chair: Ana Aguilar

  • Meeting logistics

  • Meeting agenda planning

  • Speaker engagement

  • Meeting registration

  • Facilitate roundtable

  • Compile roundtable summaries as a resource

  • Meeting evaluations

  • Assigned Board member: President

Sunset Reading

Shared Resources & Development Committee

Shared Resources & Development - Chair: Adam Markwell

  • Monographs

  • Job analysis binders

  • Test sharing agreements

  • Competency models (new)

  • WRIPAC Broad-based Tests (new)

  • Member practices survey and practices database (new)

  • General use examination materials (new)

  • Rater orientation video, generic scripts, confidentiality form templates, etc.

  • Third party vendor support management (new)

  • Assigned board member: Secretary

Lecture Room

Training Committee

Training – Chair: Tina Pruett

  • Develop and update training programs

  • Align training with WRIPAC core competency areas and utilization of WRIPAC resources

  • Marketing, planning, and delivery

  • Training evaluations

  • Train-the-trainer (build trainer bench strength)

  • Assigned board member: Past President


Membership Committee

Membership – Chair: Jeannine Seher

  • Brand management and membership value proposition

  • Identify prospective new members

  • Outreach to new member agencies

  • New member application and representative evaluation

  • Conduct new membership voting

  • Orient new representatives and communicate expectations

  • Track attendance, participation, and committee commitments

  • Maintain member roster and representatives

  • Counsel member agencies as needed

  • Member satisfaction survey

  • Assigned board member: President Elect

Colorful Books

WRIPAC Committee

WRIPAC – Chair: WRIPAC Board

  • Newsletter and notices

  • Financial planning and budget development

  • Website and Constant Contact (webmaster)

  • Nominations and Elections

  • Succession Planning for Leadership Roles

  • Assigned board members: Financial Officer

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