The Western Region Intergovernmental Personnel Assessment Council
(WRIPAC) is a non-profit human resources organization with over thirty small,
medium, and large public
agency members representing state and local
governments, school districts, utility districts and other public agencies in Arizona,
California, Nevada, and Oregon.
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Upcoming Meetings & Training
Meetings include professional panel discussions, key speakers, networking, and training opportunities. You may attend the
meetings for free. There is usually a minimal charge to attend the training sessions. Trainings are held one or two days prior
to the meeting.
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Welcome to WRIPAC
As a member, your organization will have opportunities for:

You will have access to:
  • monographs
  • job postings
  • test material exchange
  • and more
Member Benefits
There's no fee to join WRIPAC. The membership process begins by attending
one of the meetings (current schedule below)  held throughout the year. Your
ongoing active  participation in meetings and committee work maintains your
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We are still compiling the Questions & Answers from the Competency Modeling Panel
discussion and will post them on the website as soon as possible.
We have eliminated the old message board. Our LinkedIn page offers a bulletin board feature
that will serve our needs better. The LinkedIn board provides email alerts when new postings
have occurred on discussion you are following.
May 2014
Location: San Francisco, CA - 35th Anniversary
Training:  See previous listings
Accommodations:  Holiday Inn Civic Center
September 2014
Location:  Anaheim, CA
Training:   TBD
Accommodations:  TBD
Coming Soon
May 2014
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Training:   Position Classification & Allocation Made Simple
** Meeting to follow 5/8-9
April 2014
Location:  Santa Barbara, CA
Training:   Job Analysis
** Training only
May 2014
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Training:   Multiple-Choice Item Writing & Editing
** Meeting to follow 5/8-9
June 2014
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Training:   Job Analysis
** Training only
July 2014
Location:  San Diego, CA
Training:   Job Analysis
** Training only